Our Mission:

     Hi! I'm Rosnel Alejandro Leyva Cortes, the Editor in Chief of The Green Light, Deerfield Academy's political magazine. The purpose of this magazine is to provide an outlet for members of the Deerfield community to consider ideas outside of the "Deerfield bubble." Our editing process is completely hands-off in order to stay true to the intentions and message of the writers. The magazine itself is not an overtly politically aligned organization, in fact we endorse members of the community of all political ideologies to contribute the conversation and write about political philosophy or policy that you think the Deerfield community should know about! We hope you enjoy our content and that you come out of it with a more nuanced of the political landscape that surrounds all of us. 

Editor in Chief: Rosnel Leyva-Cortes '22

Associate Editor: William Abou-Rjaili '22 

Editors: Alioune Dia '22, Jerry Zhou '22, Tomas Cushman '22, Neha Jampala '23

Layout Editor: Vasundhara Singh '23 



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